Urban Design London events




More than pleased to speaking on a panel with David Lunts, Deborah Saunt and David Birkbeck

Exploring Housing Design Past, Present and Future


  • Design for Different Settings & Development Types
    15th September 2016 (Full Day)

This workshop will help you consider design considerations from common development types or settings such as tall buildings, residential schemes and building in an historic area. The day will move from complex schemes such as town extensions to the small but vital every-day schemes such as tricky infill development.

Agenda to Include:

  • New Settlements & Town Extensions – Leo Hammond, Pollard Thomas Edwards
  • Residential Schemes – Jane Briginshaw, Principal – Jane Briginshaw Associates
  • Small Scale Development & Infill Sites – James Halsall, Mae Architects
  • Our Historic Environment – Graham Saunders, Historic England

  • Policy Symposium: Density Policies & the Density Matrix
    22nd September 2016 (Full Day)

A chance to hear, and discuss ideas on what the next London Plan might say about density and the way it impacts on design and the built environment. We will hear from a wide range of speakers on options for design requirements for different densities, how to tell which areas could densify best, the relationship between transport of all types and density and other interesting issues.

Agenda to Include:

  • What the GLA is Doing? Elliot Kemp, Senior Planner – London Plan, GLA
  • How the Structure of Places Influences their Density Potential – Dr Eime Tobari, Associate Director, Space Syntax
  • How and Where London can Densify – Dr Rietta Oosthuizen, Partner (Planning), HTA Design
  • Lessons from Places Outside London – Jane Briginshaw, Principal – Jane Briginshaw Associates
  • Making the Density Matrix Work Better – Michael Bach, Chairman, London Forum of Amenity & Civic Societies

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